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Joanne Bunce


Joanne Bunce is the founder and director of Niagara Ministries Church and Bible Learning Center in Niagara Falls, New York. What began as a ladies Bible study has blossomed into a full time international teaching ministry. This includes the "Digging In" television, radio and satellite ministry, which daily reaches millions of people worldwide. Her other outreaches include the Internet, books, tapes and a monthly newsletter.

Over 35 years of ministry has taken her to over forty (40) foreign nations, including Egypt, the Philippines, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Hungary, China, Korea, Turkey, Israel, Greece, Germany, England and Zimbabwe. This work includes ministry in bible schools, clothing and feeding programs as well as assisting in building churches.

Ordained under Pastor Tommy F. Reid of The Full Gospel Tabernacle in Orchard Park, New York as well as Dr. Doyle Harrison. Pastor Tommy Reid says of her, "She is a monument to the great work of the Holy Spirit in our generation as well as an outstanding teacher and Christian leader." In January of 2004 she received her earned doctorate. She has appeared on most of the Christian networks including One Hundred Huntley Street in Canada, TCT network as well as CTN network in Florida. The "Digging In" program is carried on the Sky Angel satellite network as well as Direct TV (Channel 376) and the Dish Network (Channel 267, 9399).

The center and focus of her ministry is building the "Body" of Christ through the Biblical unveiling of their identity in Christ. Branch churches are springing up under the Niagara Ministries umbrella. This includes "Unveiling Life Ministries" with Pastors Tom and Monica Pivetta in Toronto, Canada and the Carlsbad body - Pastors Frank and Millicent Sarvary of Carlsbad, California.

Early in her Christian life she experienced the power of God in the miraculous healing of her eighteen (18) year old daughter (three broken vertebra in her back), her husband Ted was also healed of chemical burns on his face and body (hydrofluoric acid) and she also was instantly healed of a crippling back deformity.

Raised in a religious background with no knowledge of the supernatural, she received her call from God supernaturally when in an open vision Jesus Christ appeared to her and told her she was to teach His Word. Since that time, she has spent her life ministering the finished work of Jesus Christ to the whole man in a way that affects every dimension of life and godliness.

At this present time she and her husband, Ted (Theodore), have six (6) children (including a set of twins), fourteen (14) grandchildren, and six (6) great grandchildren.